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Heroes chords

David Bowie  1977 (Heroes) *




D G  D  G




D                    G

I – I wish you could swim


D                            G

Like the dolphins – like dolphins can swim


C                                D

Though nothing – nothing will keep us together


Am       Em           D

We can beat them forever and ever


C     G             D

Oh we can be Heroes just for one day





D G  D  G




D             G

I – I will be King


D                 G

And you – you will be Queen


C                        D

For nothing will drive them away


Am      Em             D

We can be Heroes – just for one day


C       G             D

We can be honest – just for one day





D           G

I – I can remember (I remember)

D               G

Standing by the wall (By the wall)


D            G

And the guards shot above our heads (Over our heads)


D                              G

And we kissed as though nothing would fall (Nothing could fall)






C                D

And the shame was on the other side


Am           Em       D

Oh we can beat them forever and ever


C      G            D

Then we can be Heroes just for one day





D G  D  G




D         G      D

We can be Heroes


G         D

We can be Heroes


G                   D

We can be Heroes just for one day



We can be Heroes

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